Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evergreens with Carmen Roeth

As I told you earlier Ewa and I were at the Wiseguys club yesterday and we found Carmen Roeth singing there. Ofcourse we wanna share this singbird with you so today we booked her for a show at the ballroom at the Icehotel. Carmen will sing some evergreens for us and afterwards I will DJ my fav evergreens (no trance this time I promise hehe) and Ewa will decorate the place, in her own unique way.

So get your agendas and write down Carmen Roeth at the Icehotel SL on July 12th and write 01.00 PM beside it. This will

Carmen was born and raised in the Netherlands (she says her heart dwells in Belgium).
She started singing at age 13 with her father's band.

After 22 years as a professional singer she is now gracing the Second Life Community with her beautiful voice. Her material includes many genres of music for your listening, dancing, and romancing pleasure.

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Lionesse Vandyke said...

well, this is noted in my agenda, can't miss a dutch singer who's heart dwells in Belgium;-)