Monday, June 29, 2009

No summer without a proper BBQ-party!

Barbecue party July 1 12:00 PM (21:00 CET) at Icehotel SL!

This time the party will take place near the orangery, pretty close where the trekking route starts. A BBQ will ofcourse be under open-air, but we have ofcourse bought some rain proof party tents. Ewa, who master the the weather thingie on the island predicts heavy rain...

The bag-in-box wines (very common in Sweden, the loin of pork is marinated, the potato sallad has been delivered from Coop and the northern Swedish mosquitoes are ready for you!

At 12:00 PM SLT Enst Edman kicks off the party
and afterwards will I together with Frosty Muggins DJ til you drop!
Hearty welcome!


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