Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skål ta mej fan!

Yesterday was the start of the decorations. Ewa got her broadband back and started to decorated the Midsummer Eve festival ground, built by PetGirl Bergman. The two ladies complained loudly about lack of drinks so I did some snaps (Moonshined ofcourse, hey the Icehotel sim where i live is located in the northern Sweden where moonshined booze is a major part of the balanced diet)

Tina, the big city girl, fall unconscious behind on of the sheds, alcoholic intoxicanated, but her doctor told me this morning she will be up and running later today. Thank Heavens! I wont publish those disgusting pics of you Tina, dont worry:)

After building and decorating, totally rat-arsed, Ewa and I went to se Elvera Lerner and Carmen Roeth at the Wiseguys Club. A lovely day and a night!

Dont miss the Midsummer Eve Event at Second House of Sweden! Friday 01.00 PM!

live in Northern Sweden

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