Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Message from our Northern Swedish bartender

Our Northern Swedish bartender proudly presents tomorrows drink buffe at the BBQ:

* 1 bottle of Vodka
* 1 slice of orange
* Pour the vodka in your throat and watch the slice of orange
* So simple -so good!

* 1 bottle of Vodka
* 1 Lingonberry
* Put the single lingonberry in the bottle and stir
* Note, if the lingonberry will be too long in the bottle your drink can be too fruity!

Tequila Sunrise
* 1 bottle of Tequila
* Drink the tequila
* Close your eyes
* Wake up when the sun rise

Pajala Sunrise
* One glass of moonshine
* One slice of sausage
* Relax and enjoy

* 1 beer-glass with Vodka
* 1 shotglass with beer
* Drop the shot with beer in the beer-glass with Vodka
* Drink and slide into the haze

See you tomorrow at the BBQ at Icehotel SL.

12:00 PM Ernst Edman Live
01:00 PM til late Jesper Prinz and Frosty Muggings will live DJ


Hearty welcome

Jesper Prinz & Ewa Aska + staff


Snuffsan said...

It takes a pro to mix the Wolfpaw correctly. I am too scared that the single lingonberry will get smashed when I stir so I use an empty teabag instead and dip it very quickly in the vodka.


Jesper Prinz said...

yeah Snuffsan, he is talking about "the art of doing a wolf paw"...

see you tomorrow!