Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Saturday nite!

Ohh my what a nite! First we went to our friends, Maggie & Franks, place SLounge and partied big time while Frank was Djing and worked really hard to keep us busy dancing SLounge is a lovely and laid back place!

Thanks alot guys!

When we had closed the club, we went to see our good friend Noma Falta playing. Wonderful as ever! Noma played for us at our home back then Ewa and I affianced. Yesterday she played some tunes just for us from that moment. And both of us flashbacked to the cliff when we engaged with Noma as witness 7 months ago:)

I can tell you there were some happy tears:)

If you havent heard Noma playing look her profile up and join her group. She will also play at the Icetheatre pretty soon!

A magic Saturday night!

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