Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Elvera Lerner Show

Yesterday´s show was great! Elvera did a wonderful show and lots of people came (68). Thank you very much for coming and see you soon at the Icehotel SL!

Family pic of Ewa and I and our newly hired bouncer Izi. Dont mess with us guys, Izi will kick your ass!

Elvera´s show is much based on musicals and films and this act must be from Luc Besson´s "Le Grand Bleu". My hardheaded wife, Ewa Aska, said the act was form Disney´s "Ariel, the little mermaid". Well lets save this discussion for our weekly meeting with the family therapist and not have it on a simple blog like this:)

Frosty and Charlotte was there dreaming away to the tunes of Elvera:)

Elvera Lerner and a....rabbit:)

Angelo & Soul a lovely couple who will marry on Thursday. Ewa and I will arrange the party for them at the Icehotel. Do you want help with your SL party or wedding? Just contact us and we will help you out.

Elvera had a had a horse on the stage and the rumour of a famous horse had reached the SL horse community. There was at least 3 horse avis watching the show. Love it! As long as you are tolerant and open-minded towards others you are welcome to the Icehotel!

An overview pic of the Icetheatre with the Torne River to the right

With thermal underwear on and a dear ava close you can have a really good time at Icehotel SL!

Lots of avas came to show and enjoyed themselves. We were in total 68 avas there and it was pretty lagfree. Ewa and I are so happy we choosed a private sim instead of laggy mainland

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