Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tango, good friends and a landing point too far away

When you are doing an open event like we are doing a lot, a pretty good thing to make avis aware of it is to use Events. You know that little pink star on map and those you can search.

When you create an event you have to set a Landing point which overrides TPs, Slurls and LM except for the landowner. And I happened to put this landingpoint far away from Theatre yesterday…..With the result that Ewa and I had to zoom out and TP confused avies wandering around the sim searching for the tango show:)

On top of everything else you do as an organizer of an event, managing streams, and welcome people and introducing the artist. Of course I blamed this mistake of mine on SL when Ewa asked me hehe.

However the show was great and we felt people had a really good time. Right after the show I live DJed bit and many of you stayed:)

Next up at the theatre is Elvera Lerner who visited us couple of months ago. If you have any favs that you want to see at the theatre, don’t hesitate to tell us. Most of the artist that we have booked is requests from you actually.

Well next up is not Elevra; NEXT UP is the housewarming party coming Sunday. Check your mail, join the Icehotel group or look this blog up for details


Jesper & Ewa


Lionesse Vandyke said...

Me and Jo had a great time dancing this sexy dance, thx guys, hugs

Jesper Prinz said...

Thank you Lio! Glad you two liked it! Hope you can make it on Sunday!

See you soon!