Monday, May 25, 2009

Jean Munro & XanderNichting Writer @ SIM CLOSING-Poseidon's Port

Well this is the day when ppl and companies deciding to retreat from SL. When a traffic-hunting rl company like the one who owns the Second Sweden sims take that decicion I dont care to be honest. Ofcourse I care about those who has tons of memories from the sims, homes, shops etc. Dont get me wrong there pls. Take my advice, buy a full sim and full fill your dreams. You wont be rich moneywise but you will get a richer life.

But when a striving private person and ava and a very good friend like Jean Munro has to take that decision I get almost depressed.

Huuuu Jean and Red see you tonight:((

Monday May 25th at 3pm...
Jean Munro & XanderNichting Writer @ SIM CLOSING-Poseidon's Port

Sadly, my friends, please, join us for the last show to be held at Poseidon's Port. A sign of the times as another sim bids its farewell. It will be a
bittersweet show as I open a very special stage built by the talented Red Mounier at 3pm at the Cat & Fiddle Pub
AND say goodbye with a special concert with my dear friend
XanderNichting Writer. We will be double streaming a brand new special
song, for a magical stage with a surprise inside. Xander takes the
stage at 3:45. Not to be missed! The Double Streaming starts at 4pm.


Lionesse Vandyke said...

At last.. economical crisis is showing its face in SL too, sad enough.. I look in its face too, what means I have too loose some land to survive... but I won't loose hope, some day I will get it all back;-)

Jesper Prinz said...

Yes, we are SLers, we dont give up!