Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Argumentation skills

When I logged in Saturday morning I had a flood of notes coming. Not just the ordinary “I love you” ones from Ewa hehe

There was one note from her that distinguished…She had found a sim and the note was full of arguments why we should buy (we spilt everything 50/50) this little tropical island.

1) It was cheap! How much it was she didnt know, but it felt like a bargain she told me in the note...
2) We suffer from vitamin D deficiency since the sun disappears faster than you wink your eye at the Icehotel sim
3) We need a countryhouse for relaxing, our mainhouse is close to the main sim and may cause negative stress she said. And why risking being burnt out? she went on.
4) We need to vary our physical activities more, she said. Not only those going on in the bedroom. This sim has un-ending possibilities for sailing, diving and other outdoor activites. A photo of a canoe was enclosed with the very long note.

And so on….

Well we bought the sim…



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