Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your next home!

We are just not doing ABBA in SL, we run two sims too;) Many of you have lived at the Lapplandia sim, since we opened it in January. On the main sim we have some huge cottages and the Icehotel SL of course.

The new Sarek sim is now up and running and you can live here at this little Nordic paradise. Jazzoru Otoole has built some typical mountain lodges and Ewa and I have built and decorated the interior.
The lodges are furnished and are equipped with an animated sex och cuddle sauna. A Finn told me once you cant get pregnant if you are doing it in Sauna, but as you all know Ewa and I are Christian fundamentalists so we believe in Virgin Birth and stuff like that, especially in Second Life;) So please check it our and tell us ok.The bedrooms are furnished with the best beds in SL, made by our norwegian friend Winona Wiefel to get the Scandinavian touch both in look and animationwise:) When you live here you have ofcourse access to all facilities (hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaks and much more) on all our sims.

The price is 1600L$/week and you just simply pay the the boxes outside an availble lodge. After that you drop me or Ewa an IM and we will add you to the rental group.

Welcome to Sarek!

Take me to Sare now:

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