Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Internal memo to the staff of the White Room blog

Lots of buzz have reached the the White Room co-workers telling that four avas have been spotted outside one of SLs record studios!!!

They were dressed up in very tight bell-bottomed silver trouser suits (!), high platform boots and they were speaking English with a heavy Swedish accent!!

Unconfirmed rumours and some pics are telling us that they look VERY similar to a married couple running the Icehotel SL, a relative to the couple also in the hotel business AND a Gorean guy!

As the responsibility-taking editor-in-chief I am I have to say I am very sceptical to this information; a Gorean would NEVER dress up in a tight silver trouser-suit! But those Goreans....

Can someone throw light on this please? Start tailing Jesper Prinz, Ewa Aska, charlotte Rhino and that Gorean guy named Erik Bruun now! Thats an order! And the one of you who tells the nosy PetGirl Bergman this he/she/it will be fired AND sold to the cruel Erik Bruun.

Our blog has to be first with this news!

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