Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When we were young...

...both of us went alot to PhatCats, the lagg hell hole of SL these days:) I have not been there since the spring of 2007, but yesterday we went there.

And it was really good. Tons of avas but the lag was ok.

Phat Cat's is one of Second Life's most successful formal jazz clubs. It was founded by Dilbert Dilweg and Charity Colville it was later owned by Jody Huet, Barbarella Noel and Amethyst Jetaime. The club is currently owned by Brianna Talbot.

Phat Cat's really plays some of best jazz from all eras and Phat Cat's Jazz Club is one of the top venues in Second Life, and has maintained a no camping policy for its entire existence! (love that policy)

Ewa and I had a really good time and we will be back soon.

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