Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first build

PetGirl (Tina) Bergman is inviting us to tell about our first build and when she is calling you are coming with the dog bone!

Well first I have to tell you I am a very stubborn person. From Jan -07 til May -07 I had made up my mind; I would never ever build a thing in SL!

I also considered it to be beneath my dignity to waste time in a Sandbox, when you just had entered this huge candy shop with tons of sweets. This time was my wild period! However something happend in May 07 and I searched a Sandbox up and started to build... a doghouse!!!! Without having a dog, but beeing one....

I think it took me 3 days to get this masterpiece ready!

I rezzed this piece this morning and I promise you there isnt a straight wall.And at least 20 huge cracks. And what on earth did I think of when I choosed texture? Must have been the first that came up in alphabetical order or something...

When the shock had passed i looked over the gardenwall into the area where Ewa and I are building the new (3K+) Icehotel.

There is hope for humanity:)

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