Monday, September 21, 2009

A lost sim, abba pictures and a grotesque microphone!

Yesterday night started in the best of ways. My football team won and went right up to the top of the table. I logged in full of satisfaction and new energy, started to do things I swept under the carpet for weeks; I was whistling when cleaned my overcrowded inventory!

Ewa was watching TV, I thought. Suddenly Ewa came online, and I started give her detailed descriptions of the big thing just have happened on the field. A bit sardonic I must admit....

She was not interested, not interested at all! She was furious! (Aska means among other things Thunder in Swedish)

Furious not just because her fav team is the local rivals that probably will be moved down because they are so extremely lousy this year.

No, No, No something much worse had happened. When she logs in nearly every prim, even herself, is completely covered by a certain ABBA picture! She showed me some pics and well it looked more than spooky.

Her upright man (me) tried to calm her down and started to find the problems in the sim-settings for some unknown reason! She said at least five times: “Jesper, it’s not the sim settings, its something with my ava god dammit”

“Hun, you´ll never know, I will take care of this” slicky me replied and started to push buttons without any control and suddenly the whole sim (Lapplandia) was blown away! The Lapplandia sim was no more! Just water! Everything was gone!

A year of building, struggling, laughter and love just passed by and I logged out….

I barked for five minutes at my RL dog, someone has to take the blame right? But he barked back…

I logged backed in with my tail between the legs AND THE SIM WAS BACK!


We ended the night with a therapeutical rehearsal (Check Ewa mic out hehe)

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