Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well-attended ball night at Ice Hotel SL

Thanks everyone for coming to the Twelfth Night Ball 2009. And thank you very much Ewa for doing most of the job with the decoration when I was away! You are a star!

It was a very well-attended ball, there was +90 avatars visiting the party. Now Ewa and I will take a little "party-break" and highly concentrate on finishing the sim til our wedding Jan 24th(puhh, just 2,5 weeks...!!!).

But most of the time the sim will be open and its already now alot to explore there. (Its far from a party sim if someone thought so). Yesterday Leo, finished his work with the sculpts and soon will Cheen Pitney finish his for instance. There is alot to see at the sim, trust me:)

Back to the party: We danced til 2.30 CET when I took Ewa and on my shoulders to our summerhouse and told her some bedtime stories before bed. Its pretty heavy to host a party I can tell you:)

Izi and Bren went through the accounts payable for 2008 or something else. They sat by the fire for hours:)

Jo Myhre and Blanche Argus were elected to the king and queen of the ball and won a gift cert in Ewas and my shop

Good old Apmel in a one of his many tuxedos seemed to have fun!

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