Sunday, January 11, 2009

Someone has heard our prayers

Ewa and I tried to marry Catholic (since we will convert) but it was impossible since the Pope dont pass virtual marriage. Its up to them really, no big deal.

But today I was so happy when I found a godly way of searching the net. I have found the search engine Cathoogle which automatically snag all dirty words! Perfect!

I started to test it immediately!

Here is my results:

Fuck 0 (209.000.000 Google)
Analsex 0 (44.500.000 Google)
Cum 0 (177.000.000 Google)
Tits 0 (98.500.000 Google)
Dildo 0 (55.300.000 Google)
BDSM 0 (27.600.000 Google)

As you can see all the filth in the world is gone! Thank you very much Cathoogle for providing this excellent service!


Lionesse said...

O eh... but... I like dirty words every now and then;-)

Lennart Nilsson said...

Try looking for these that I heard on a party last nite:

... cobgobbler buttnugget shitstick ass spelonker cock-shiner asshole cock holster shit for brains twatwaffle shitstick numbnuts shitbag shit mattress-back fuckhead Gordon Bennett dildo !!!

/Apmel smiles sheepishly

Ewa Aska said...

Njaaaa I do like some dirty word too sometimes, (smile to Lio hehe) but ok my sweet innocent man, do I have to teach some word?? Or?