Sunday, January 18, 2009

To do list

Build an Icechurch: Checked.

Place lots of furs in the church so the guests wont have cystitis

Order a priest: Checked

Build a reception/party place: checked

Photographer/film maker: checked

Honeymoon: checked

Invitation cards (dont forget the dress code): checked

Change Ewas passport documents: checked

Consideration of impediments to marriage (hardest part but bribe the person in authority if they start argumenting): checked

Wedding outfits: checked

Menues printed and food ordered:checked

Cake: wont have anyone we are on diet

Book Noma F and Jean M and Fia as DJ:checked

Remind them of tuning their instruments (artists....!): checked

Write vows:checked

Hosts and toastmaster:checked

Flowers to the party AND the reception: checked

Order bridal bouquet:checked

Order plenty of booze and champagne(our friends are the thirstiest in SL): checked
Wedding march: checked

Seating arrangements: checked

Programme at the cermony:checked

Have I forgot something? Please tell me if so:)


Lionesse said...

No cake!!!!!! This lion needs sugar, lots of it!!!! So get a cake;-)

Ika Cioc said...


Lennart Nilsson said...

What about stag and hen party?
Check with friends!