Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some pics from our wedding:)

Ewas sister, Charlotte and my sister-in-law and Bock are leading the aerobic exercise! Thank you both, you made us all sweathy!

Noma Falta, the queen of Blues, did a cheered gig!

Jean Munro (who played at the reception) and Red checked the Swedish kick-sleds outside the hotel. But pls Red ol bro, behave and act like an gentleman. You are the one who is supposed to ride Jean:). Jean singed beutiful as ever. Yeti Voom told me during the concert: What a voice that woman has!!!

Lionesse Vandyke is peeping thru the keyhole...Hmmm Lio, how was the night with Jo in the the icehotel? Did you pick the suite? Did he defrost you? We really hope so!

I didnt step once on her feet this time!

More pics here:

And again, thank you very much for coming and sharing this moment with us!


Lionesse said...

hehe... we were too drunk to find the suite, so we ended up in my castle bed and the rest... wont tell;-)

Jesper Prinz said...


God bless those lost souls!