Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My rezzday

Yesterday was my rezzday and I didn’t want any big fancy party. We have had four big parties and several minor ones the last two months and the greatest one is coming up next week…..And on top of it, the Icehotel SL coming up.

But my fantastic girlfriend had planned a day and night I won’t forget!

She knows me like anyone else in SL and she knows her guy is extremely competitive, and love to compete as much as he hates to loose!

So she challenged me in bowling…dressed in four-inch high-heels, probably just to get me out of balance. And this cunning plan was successful. Her score was 85% higher than mine….

Well after this humiliating first event, she gave me a couple of boxes with eighteenth century outfits and we went to Versailles and had a fantastic time.

Right after the polonaise we went and….well what we did during this last part is definitely unprintable hehe

Thank you Ewa for a fantastic day!


Lionesse said...

GRRR I forgot too!!!! Happy Rezzday Jesper:-) hugs

Ika Cioc said...

I did too!!!

Happy Rezzday to you, Jesper :)

Lennart Nilsson said...

Pity I didn´t get a picture of you and Ewa yesterday at our Knutparty. Thx for coming by!

Happy rezzday Jesper!!


Jesper Prinz said...

ty all:)

Apmel: we had to go very early since some guys helping us out with the hotel had some major problems. But it was a really good party:))