Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheen Pitney, graphic cards and more

Yesterday (Tuesday) was great! I feel alright when I have alot to do (both RL and SL) and yesterday was just perfect.

Got a lot of greetings from ppl that liked the 12th Night Ball which is of course fun. Many had problems with “grey”. Take my advice, get yourself a new graphic board, now. It’s such a big difference. I bought a new PC in June and I haven’t had any problems at all with “grey” and I crash rarely. Adjust your settings as well (Preferences) so they fit your system. It will help out a bit.

Anyhow, yesterday, was back to work, and Cheen Pitney came and delivered a big sculpt (an icetiger guarding the the entrance to the ballroom) and some fantastic 64 prim ice roses for the the hotel rooms. Thank you very much Cheen, a lovely job! Ewa, the queen of decoration and accuracy, moved the tiger around for a long time but finally found the right position. I wish I had 1% of her patience!

We completed the day at a blues bar together with some good friends! Lovely day and night!

Hmm and what will happened today; well we have an appointment with the French designer team. Elfe Lmako have outsourced some of the designwork (mainly the bags) to a friend of hers. And they look fantastic!

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