Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mark my words

What a year it was! For me personally it has been great year and Ewas and my plans for the next months are pretty much traced.

But the big question is how will 2009 be in SL? And tell you what, I know! I searched Classifieds, found myself a fortune-teller, paid her some L´s and she delivered the answers.

1) the Land-issue. The new set-up for OpenSpaces(Homestead) will be a failure. How many of you have signed up for Homestead? LL will launch a new option for those residents who don’t want to live in those ghetto-like ghost towns with all limitations connected to them. The witch was a bit floating about how this package will look like but…hehe
2) Taking better care of new residents. “First impression is very important”, is a “law” in most situations. If you enter a rl bar and in five minutes time you get harassed big time, nearly raped by fox, bitten by a vampire everything accompanied by a massive buzz(spam and griefing attacks). Whats the chance you will return to that bar? This is what many new residents are facing during their first minutes in SL Welcome Areas. LL has finally realized that new residents are worth taking care of and they take care of newbies in much better way during 2009. According to my fav witch.
3) LL will also realize that their decision to close down gambling the summer of 2007 wasn’t their most well-prepared one. Of course they wont admit that but they will during 2009.

Mark my words


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