Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The WhiteRoom Photocontest –The Final!

We have had 100´s of people who have joined the different contest events started in December 2007.

Every contest has had one winner and very soon they all will show us their creativity in the finals.

Information for the Winners:

The theme will be “Cold”, a pretty broad theme with lots of room for a creative mind. The entry shall be based on a SL photo and will be judged by a secret jury for its creativity. You can touch up the SL photo if like to, animate it or just have a plain photo its up to you.

You buy one of the screens for 10L$, and then the screen is "yours" feel free to put a price on it. It will be displayed in a gallery building on my and Ewa Askas new sim, The Ice Hotel.

Start January 1st 2009 and ends with big party the Jan 31st!

The winner wins tons of honour and a cashprize of 10.000 L$.

Stay tuned!

The winner during the year is:
Isolde Flamand
Motorchick Moody*
Honey Hanson
Olivier Perl
Balthazaar Paine
Second Renoir
Ninna Dazy

If someone of these guys dont wanna participate, the no 2 will be stand in that specific contest.

*Motorchick Moody, the proud winner of the first event wont be in the finals, so therefore Ninna Dazy will take her place.

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Tina Dahl said...

I got a cold... :-))