Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To Ewa!

Today it was a month since we became engaged. And what a month! A very intensive one but under control so to say. Thank heaven we have known eachother for almost a year! If not we would probably been on the nut house, wearing straitjackets. hehe

Exploring SL and each other
Get to know each other
Lots of true friends around us
Some tablespoons of drama. (Ok then, couple of buckets to be honest)
Bought two sims
Plenty of Noma F concerts!
Arranged two bigger parties
Arranged two smaller parties
Built, built and built
Lust for life
Learnt a lot from eachother
Bridges! Bridges! Bridges!
Closed down a very popular SL gallery
Building something NEW extraordinary
100´s “I have read your profile and oh my your are not partnered any longer. What happened?”
So many interests in common
Wedding gown

Borderless love!



1 comment:

Tina Dahl said...

Hey you! - I am bad att Excell sheets and such stuff but no way 1+1 cant be 16.. its 3 I am sure of that!

Jesper... arghhh