Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time for heros 2

Yesterday night Ewa and I were invited by Nyna Slate to see U2 at Dragon Moon. We faced a vast security force effort. Everyone was stripped and searched for attachments(primhair, sexual organs, shoes, AOs etc.

Finally we entered the arena(A great build guys! Wow!)

As in real life the concert was delayed:) Bono Vox couldnt log in they told us:) Good to know there isnt any VIP entrances into SL.

U2 played full gig and it was totally awesome. When the final tune (With or without you) was played Ewa was supposed to enter the stage and dance with Bono, but unfortuntely something went wrong. Next time honey!

Nyna+crew+U2: Thanks for a wonderful gig!!

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