Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nervous breakdown

Spending a night in the ice-hotel will be surrealistic experience. The temperature will be about -5 °C to -8 °C and unfortunately there is no SL corporate insurance covering frozen dead avatars. So Ewa have made the rooms very tight to keep as much of the warmth.

The other “source of heat” is my bag; the beds. What could defrost two deep frozen avatars better than some good lovin in an animated bed? Not much if you ask me. Each room will have a special designed bed fitting the concept of the room. So yesterday I started to build the first one, the one for the tiny Snowball-room.

Several of hours later I was done, and pretty pleased with the result. I called for Ewa.

She went up from the giant snowbank (The hotel) she have lived in the the last 2 weeks, peeked at my bed and said; “It’s a lovely design honey but you have made a kingsize bed for the tiniest room in the hotel. You can never squeeze that one into the room”

I was falling into pieces, but pretend to stay cool and replied: “Well love make the hotel bigger then, what’s the problem?”

Today we will meet at the pixel conference table and the agenda is: "Make the hotel bigger or the beds smaller?.

For some reasons I feel the battle already is lost :)

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