Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bed-worker -another job opportunity at the Icehotel SL!

Since the animated beds are about to get ready we have an urge to adjust the poseballs and therefore we need to hire one female and one male avatar “bed-worker”.

Why don’t you two guys do it yourself, you may I ask yourself. Pretty easy, we are not married yet! And these two traditional moralistic avatars won´t do it before the green light is on.

(We will marry the January 24th, the priest, the artists, planners and DJ are booked, Ewas gown is ordered, the vows are written, Jesper´s tux is tailored and a new church is built etc)

So now we need one female and one male avatar that can help us adjusting the poseballs:

You shall have an open mind and un-shamed personality and enjoy meeting new people.
You shall be persevering and like a monotonic job. Adjusting one bed takes about 2 hours. And there is plenty of beds that will be adjusted.
You shall also have the capacity to "deliver" and work under extreme arctic cold, very important for the male job-seeker.
You shall also have the capacity to "deliver" when other people are watching.
You shall also be fully xcite-equipped and familiar with how to operate your parts. With respect to the female co-worker so called "newbie bananas" are NOT allowed.

Non SL working life experience required
Admission day: Immediate
Wage: 75L$/hour
Driving licence for snow scooter is a big plus!

Do you feel challenged?

Please send you CV with a photo in a notecard to Jesper Prinz or Ewa Aska

Welcome to the Icehotel team!

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