Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cur Waydelich

Well, both Ewa and I are normally very straight and clear to others and ourselves. I love it, I couldnt have it in another way.

But when I started building the Ice theather, I noticed a softer approach from my lil dove:)

After day one she said to me with a smooth voice "Jesper, we really should do the things we enjoy, those things we dislike we better outsource" I nodded

After day two my new personality changed gf asked me: "Jesper, do you really like building the Ice theater"? Stubborn me replied with "Yes" I lied.

After two weeks of building sorrows my normal Ewa came up to me and said "Stop this bloody building now! Concentrate on the blog, get the shops up and running, do something you can handle! But ust stop this now! Now!!!!"

The day after we called for Cur Waydelich. And I dont regret it a second! Cur is a Swedish builder (check his site out here) Thanks again Cur and welcome onboard!

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