Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Soon there!?

The SL Icehotel sim is not a just building site anymore and that feels good for a stressed soul like mine. I took a look at it today and felt lil pride and calmness:)

But soon I realized there is a lot left to do....

Where is Cheen Pitneys scuplpures? Will he fix them in time?
When is the bloody lift installer getting here and fix the broken lifts????
The shops is very empty! Where are the products? Did Ewa really sent the sketches to Elfe?
What deadline did I told the other sculptor, that I have forget the name of...puhhh
The Ice Theatre? Whats the status there? I have no idea!!:)Hopefully Ewa is takin care of it.
No one has been hired as bed-worker yet. Dont they think it was a serious job-ad?

And they call me a control freak....:)

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