Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kommande saker på Tara Hill

Tea-danserna på söndagar kör vi vidare med såklart men numera nere i paviljongen. På söndag är det dags för Elvera Lerner och tiden är satt till 2 PM

Sen på måndag är det dags för en ny förmåga. Life Charron känner ni kanske till, en mycket duktig fotograf som Ewa och jag känt sen eldkvarn brann har gått och stadgat sig med en kille som heter Andrex Melnik och då vi värnar om andra familjefrid så kommer Andrex att spela hos oss på måndag kl 2 PM.

Så här beskriver han sin musik:

A.R.C.A.M. is the acronym of: Alternative Rock Composer Andrex Melnik

Inspired by the music of bands like Marillion, Arena, IQ, Pallas, Pendragon, Twelfth Night and all the neo-progressive rock of the '80s and '90s, he decided that he would have learned playing guitar in the style of Steve Rothery. So, although no more young and completely self-taught, putting a great effort in this attempt, he managed in few years to play the kind of music he
loves and to give birth to his original compositions.
Feeling more creative with the acoustic guitar, in SL he prefers to "electrify" the audience
with powerful riffs and stunning solos spreading from his electric 6strings.
His only goal in SL is to play a different kind of music that nobody else plays here, trying to
catch the audience with something new and musically interesting.
His setlist spaces from instrumental covers to classic prog rock songs rearranged for guitar,
to some original alternative tunes of his own creation; all tracks are instrumental with live
guitar performance.
Recently he has started interesting collaborations with some of the best SL artists, such as
Sid Slade, Paul Nowles, UKD Project, Cabernet Olivieri and Selene Audion.

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