Monday, November 17, 2008

3 rezzday ladies, 2 years in SL and 1 hell of a party!

What a blast! I like surprises alot but calling the LL support to get the sim up and running was ...a new experience.

Thanks everyone for coming and sharing this tripple rezzday with Ewa, Charlotte and Safir:)



More blogposts from the party:

Ewa and I are summing up the party when all guests have gone. What a blast honey!!

Kil, Lukas Mensing, Cheen Pitney and Izi are discussing the downsizing of the SL welfare system.

Janne and Blanche. Cool shoot Blanche!

Nyna Slate, Dragon Moon, is swinging her shoot!

Nurse Niya and Dr Vo. Guys see you soon! Ewa and I cant wait:)

Ewa Aska -rezzday child and aerobics instructor!

Apmel, Kil, Izi and a pickled brain!

Me, Izi, Charlotte, Ewa and an unknown hairy guy are dancing. Kils huuuggge multi pills (Prozac/Viagra/Valium) were perfect for dessert. Live fast, die young!


Lionesse said...

Great rezzday party:-)) But Jesper, look what you made my Jo do, looool
I think he will have a word with you;-)

hba said...

Hi guys - happy rezday! Sorry I couldn't make it, but I'm not able to get in-world before 1pm SLT most days.

Jesper Prinz said...

Lio: Must be good to finally open up that closet door.

HBA: RL comes always first. Hope to see you soon!

blanche Argus said...

Tack för senast Jesper o Ewa ! Otroligt arbete ni lagt ner.. då blev det ett lyckat party oxå!!
Simmen crascha - inte undra på med så många patienter :)))

Tack !

Jesper Prinz said...

Tack själv blanche, det var ni som gjorde det kul!!