Friday, November 14, 2008

3 Grand ”old” ladies, 2 year Rezzday, 1 Great Party

On Sunday Ewa, Charlotte and Safir will have a rezzparty at our home sim (City of Santiago).

The theme is Doctors and Nurses and we will throw the party at the newly built Memorial Hospital. The build is fully adapted for the disabled and old avatars.

But local SL health authority have observed and reported tons of rats, nukewaste and non existing waste disposal in general. (As soon as Ewa and I are building something together it ends up filthier than the city dump. Why? Haha)

However get your outfit on and come and party with us!

Jesper “Dr Oops” Prinz

11 am SLT
Sunday 16th


blanche Argus said...

Great ewa and Jesper ! Jag fick smygtitta på Hospitalet igår, fantastiskt arbete ni har gjort, crazy:)
En underbar sim City of Cantiago!


Lennart Nilsson said...

Oooohhh, I´m getting OLD too. Hardly remember the juiceraising 3-2-1 position anymore...

/Who said that!??

Anonymous said...

Tried to go there Jesper to see what was happening I didnt realise your home was in this sim I cannot enter. I thought it was at IMH. Shows how wrong one can be.

I see you have nice warm relationships with others also. Femi laughs ironically, such is sl nothing changes, especially not the people, bears out my favourite saying I am never suprised at people only ever dissapointed.