Monday, November 10, 2008

Setting up a party in a min

I used to take snaphots all the time before, but I have no idea why I constantly forget to do it nowadays!

Am I too old and can´t do more than one thing at time? Naa! Not a chance!

Because I am in love? Yeppers!

However, late Friday night Ewa and I decided in a min to have a party. The stream was loaded, friends were coming and I think all had a good time.

Thanks for popping by everyone!

But who brought the Norwegian flag? Viggen, we need to talk:)

If you wanna see some pics: Check Lionesse Vandkykes blog here
More pics on Ampels blog here


Lennart Nilsson said...

Apmel had a great time :-)))

Lennart Nilsson said...

Jag har lagt ut lite bilder nu oxå


Lionesse said...

Lio had supertime:-))

Jesper Prinz said...

Thanks both of you:)