Sunday, November 2, 2008

And the winner is......

Before I tell you who won the contest I want to thank all contestants for their lovely work. Our jury had a hard time to made up their minds!

I also want the thank the jury (Kiana Svenska, Ewa Aska, Niya Nishi and Charlotte Rhino) for your help, not only with the jury work. But also the "acting" and the fun during the later party! And Ewa; thanks helping me building the Motel!

Thank you very much!

Now to the winner: Second Renoir! Second have joined several of our contests but this was the one when she knocked down everyone. She was superior to be honest!

And here are some of the motivations: "Lovely scenery, perfect in line with the theme....Absolutely marvelous" Ewa aska

"....a very original compostion, cathes the eye, intriguing...." Charlotte Rhino

Congrats Second!

Second was late to the price cermony but arrived to the later party, but those topless pics are not not suitable on this blog!! Sec, if you have a pic, pls drop me one pls and I will publish it.

THE SECOND PLACE: Stone Semyorka. Thanks for coming and I know you had a good time mate!

THE THIRD PLACE: Selma Edman. Thanks for your good entry. Niya Nishi ranked you as no 1! Keep it up!



Lennart Nilsson said...

Why don´t you show the winning photos here on the blog??

/Apmel guess they are not topless :-)

Jesper Prinz said...

Good idea Apmel, will do that next time. I have already returned them....:( As you know, hope you get your ex back