Monday, November 24, 2008

There is a time for everything…

In September 2007 Butterfly Laa and I started up the White Room. We bought one 2048 plot at Akh and filled it up mainly with pictures from our journeys and the work with the book that we was working on. This was before “modernities” as Windlight. Do you remember? hehe

Anyhow, we expanded soon with more land and other art directions and had a lot of attention for it. The White Room had 100´s of visitors on weekly basis. And it was really fun with all feedback many gave. We had good press and we were participating in a TV Show e g in dec 2007. (Normally I am not nervous, but being interviewed in voice at 4.30 AM in the morning was something)

We were throwing artshows, music events (I will never forget when I fall down the roof, naked, when Natalie Moody was performing) and pretty big returning photocontest.

We started up an art colony and other projects and it was a really good time.

But there is a time for everything and if you wanna see the White Room a last time you better hurry. Cos in 1-2 weeks it won’t exist anymore.

You will never know what happens in the future, but if the White Room gallery will resurrect it won’t be within my management. This blog will of course stay tuned.

Thank you very much and a special warm thank you to all that have helped us in an extraordinary way: Amber Prinz, Cheen Pitney, Autopilotpatty Poppy, PetGirl Bergman, Apmel Gooson, Fafner Hoffman, sandhya2 Patel, Coyne at Avastar, Satorin Vacono, Lukas Mensing, Syl Darcy.

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