Monday, November 10, 2008

The Art Colony of the White Room.

Early this year The Art Colony of the White Room was established. The Art Colony was a cluster for new and established artists that wanted to benefit from other artists and The White Room platform. It was an immediate success; the ten rentals were let out in just a couple of weeks.

Many of the artists have stayed since day one (Pedro, Rynn, Amber, Fritz and Joelle). Some have moved on (Tour, Nico, Tattoo and Lio) and others have joined during the period (Kheron, Baltha)

This concept worked perfectly and it’s something that I am very proud of.

But even a good book has an end and since Butterfly left SL (no I don’t know when she is back) I haven’t had the time and passion to manage it in a good way. And if you don’t have the time and passion there is just one thing to do: Shut down.

Yesterday I told the artists and they will soon leave the Colony but they won´t leave the art scene of SL!

Thank you guys you have been fantastic!


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