Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sasun Steinbeck's Morphing Sculpture

Two days ago I was visiting a Sasun "The SL art godess" Steinbecks event. Havnt you seen here lovely installation yet, click her profile and check picks! Its trippy!


This is how Sasun describes her form of art:

"This piece was born of my desire to create something beautiful that can only exist in SecondLife, something never before seen that exploits the power of the 3D environment. I wanted something very beautiful to look at, as well as fun for owners to play with. SecondLife gives us all amazing control over the shapes of the prims that we work with - but I wanted to make something that would create beautiful, complex, and unexpected shapes completely on it's own, as if it were a living thing, morphing into completely different shapes with every touch.

Another goal was to make it simply fun to use, and customize, by its owner. In this way it becomes more of a joint creation between the sculpture itself (in what shapes it happens to choose for itself at the time), the artist, and the owner. You can choose between various metallic textures as well as use a built-in texture picker and experiment with your own textures, add your own particle effects, resize it as large or small as you wish, change the texture rotation angles, as well as have the whole piece rotate at user-selectable speeds. In addition it has a way of placing your view point directly *inside* the piece giving you a fascinating and hypnotic full-screen view of the symmetry and beauty of the current shape of the sculpture from the inside out.

I also felt strongly that this sculpture needed an aural dimension to complete the feeling of peace, contemplation, and wonder that I wanted the piece to evoke, so the user has the ability to pick various looped ambient sounds that help evoke a stronger mood. Soothing and meditative, the music multiplies the visual enjoyment of the piece... observers are often unaware of how strongly they may subconsciously be reacting to the music the piece emanates, but I know that it evokes feelings that would not be there from visuals alone.

My ultimate hope is that I may inspire others to think about what this new 3D medium *is* in terms of art and what types of things are possible with the 3D engine as a powerful tool to realize very complex visions of light, sound, movement, space, and intelligent objects; all of these elements interacting with each other in a programmable and powerful way. I believe that creating 3D art in SL requires a whole new way of thinking; a new door has been opened and the possibilities have yet to be explored in terms of the things that creative minds can make that evoke powerful feelings in the people that observe them".

-Sasun Steinbeck

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