Thursday, October 23, 2008

The White Room proudly presents Jury member no 3: Charlotte Rhino

Yesterday I had an appointment with Charlotte Rhino, owner of the Sleep & Fuck Motel at Akh. Charlotte called me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to host our party (Nov 1, Noon SLT, 9 PM CET).

The interview is held in her not so fancy office in the Motel basement. It smells terrible….The rats are big as cats and there are dirty mattresses all over the floor.....

Me: Hi Charlotte! Good to see you. How come you contacted me and wanted to host our Photocontest Award Party? Is it really in line with your brothel…sorry motel business?

Charlotte: Well, I had a meeting with my branding agency, Scam & Tricks Inc. Lovely guys!!! They are helping me with the branding strategy of Sleep & Fuck Motel. They told me that I have to strengthen the brand awareness. Climb in the value-chain as they call it. I didn’t listen much really…. They are so pretty and charming!!! And marketing is not my arena but they told me they know what they are doing:)))

Me: Ok…Charlotte... I hope you know what you are doing...Tell me, what other events do you use to run at Sleep & Fuck?
Charlotte: Well, the beer-swillings on Wednesdays are very popular! I don’t remember much from the last one! I woke up just wearing my dirty tube-socks in small flat with a divorced Finn!!! HaHA!!! On top of everything we have the “Ho of the Month” when we are selecting the most popular ho.

Me: I see, so you are doing a client survey?
Charlotte: No no no, the clients don’t care. We debug the girls; count the bugs and the one with most flat bugs get a nice challenge prize. Isn´t that something??? HAHA

Me: Oh my God Charlotte…. This is just getting worse...I don’t feel very well. I need to go….Bye!

Dont miss the prizecermony and the Pimp & Ho-themed party!!!
Date: Nov 1st
Time: Noon SLT
At The White Room Gallery

See you there!


Lennart Nilsson said...

You just convinced me :-)


Tina Dahl said...

My sister told me - after reading this blogg that i am NOT allowed to such a place..


Jesper Prinz said...

Well Tina, Lotta told me her target group are bad girls. Are you bad?

Tina Dahl said...

No of course NOT i go to Sunday school every Sun... or was it Saturdays?