Sunday, October 5, 2008

Junivers Stockholm at Burning Life

For some strange reason I have missed the talented Junivers. Until this year celebrations of the Swedish National day in SL. In contrast to many other SL music artists Juni is orginal and very many-sided. Who is intrested in more or less bad covers? Not me anyway.

Look The Ring, CARP and The Wall up forinstance. There is tons of youtube films!

Yesterday I got a tp from Lensi Hax, who used to sing when Juni was jamming, to Burning Life where Juni was performing and it was fantastic!


Thank you Lensi for the spontanous TP! If you hadnt sent it I would have missed this for sure!

The most frequent SL concert visitors (?) (Ika and Cur) was there ofcourse! Good to see you guys!


Ika Cioc said...

I say the same.. it´s always great to see you, too!

And, I must say I am proud to listen to my friend Junivers. He is really good!

Jesper Prinz said...

Yeah, he is beyond good really.