Sunday, October 19, 2008

The White Room proudly presents Jury member no 2: Niya Nishi

Today I went to see Niya Nishi. She is one of the jury members in the October Photocontest. I went to the notorious club Bad Kittens where she is working as dancer and right-hand lady. I was curious how this dancer has prepared herself for the coming task.

Here is the conversation:

Me: Hi Niya. Good to see you again. Tell me Niya, how have you prepared yourself for this honorary task?
Niya: I work as a dancer but dreaming of beeing a journalist
Me: Well Niya, sounds great but how have you ou prepared yourself for this honorary task?
Niya: I am a passionate person with a big love for animals, especially cats.
Me: Niya? Are you ok?
Niya: I have lived in many interested places and learnt several languages
Me: Niya!!!! Please.....
Niya: I am positive, caring and versatile person with lots of humour and love for life.
Me: Niya, can you please stop this and answer my question????
Niya: I wanna contribute to Second Life by raising funds for homeless, disabled people and others who suffers.
Me: Ohhh my god Niya, i think you have misunderstood me.....
Niya: I am a young woman with big dreams and high expections.
Me: Niya, you are a member in a artcontest jury not a silly Miss Second Life 2008-contest.....!!!!Listen to me now honey!
Niya: I want to be the missing link between real companies and Second Life!
Me: Niya, I think I will make you very disapointed, but its NOT a beauty contest contest....
Niya: I want to thank Jesper Prinz and Butterfly Laa for organizing this contest. And the awesome Jury, I wont disappoint you!!! I want also to thank my family, Vo and Sachi, without you guys I am nothing. Love you!!!!
Me: Oh my God Niya.........

Butterfly, if you read this....Things have derailed here...big time......

Dont miss the prizecermony and the Pimp & Ho-themed party!!!
Date: Nov 1st
Time: Noon SLT
At The White Room Gallery

See you there!


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Lionesse said...

LOOOOOL... was she on drugs or something???

Niya Nishi said...

Slander! I demand a retraction! OMG Jesp how could you portray me this way? AND you forgot to mention I dream of world peace!

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