Saturday, October 18, 2008

The White Room proudly presents Jury member no 1: Ewa Aska

Well normally the jury is secret, just because we don’t want any competitor trying to bribe them or in another way influence them.

But this time we do an exception when the jury is picked very far away from the SL art scene…

So let me introduce jury member no 1: Ewa Aska. She was born in the brothel “The Cathouse” in the city of Tombstone. "I was born here and I will die here" says Ewa. Her mother, the famous brothel-keeper, Juicy Smith, ran the Cathouse with an iron-fist. But now she has retired. "She became extremly bow-legged and it was tough for me to carry her around when she was about to see the clients" Soapy explains.

Ewa has just recently taken over the business and also developed the concept with dancers and a bar full of moon shined whiskey. "Not just humping…. “O´l mama is my now my purveyor of booze and we have had some problems with blindness and intoxication. But its very cheap” says Ewa. "Cost-control is important in any buisness" she says.

“I love art; I have always wanted to go to an museum but been so extremely busy the last 25 years but soon…” Ewa explain.

Well, come and meet Ewa and the rest of the jury the first of November!

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Lennart Nilsson said...

You know how to attract fans, Jesper!!