Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gnossienne Groggy Deep by Juria Yoshikawa

Today I got an invite "Gnossienne Groggy Deep" by Juria Yoshikawa. Lance Shields, the person behind the ava has been away from SL for some months, starting a MBA. (Thank heaven my graduation is cleared) But now Juria is back (for a bit?) and what a comeback! Its a very touchy installation! Follow this slurl and experience it yourself:)

Ewa Aska joined me on this trip! I think she enjoyed it as much as i did!

Here is Jurias notecard:

In the mind, there is a place just out of reach between knowing and feeling. When we first wake, we have glimpses of it: colors, fears, textures, childhood smells, organic sensations, birth and death. A mix of illogical but powerful things that defines us, if in very subtle ways.

Gnossienne No.1, a piano piece by Erik Satie partially inspired me to do an environment that combines feelings and elements of a mind in semiwakefuless. I took the liberty to remix Satie's song - stretching, reversing, speeding up - attempting to cast a new sense of time and mood. I also made a very simple outfit to be worn in the space to accentuate one's avatar's position in the space and the light.

Time of day
I find the color of the space works best in evening (10:00pm) or early morning (3:30am). But feel free to play with your Environment Editor to find the light setting that suits you best.

Musical credits

I'd like to thank the Diabolus Art Space for allowing me to use their space and supporting me as always. Specifically, many thanks to founders Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess.

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