Sunday, October 12, 2008

Streamlife! by Life Charron

One really good thing with having those photocontsts is that you meet alot of new people. A couple of days ago, Life Charron left an entry, and we had a little chat. It turned out she has gallery (I love gallerys, I cant get enough) and she also has a blog. A very good one, check the links!

This is how Life is describing her arts:

Streamlife! by Life Charron
Black & White SL Photos!

I love to catch each day black & white moments in this wonderful World.
My Subjects? The Soul,the Inner side,the Breathe of Architecture, Buildings,some Landscapes...or simply details and little pieces of life

My technique? only passion .
My B&W? a special translation of.

Life Charron

Visit my Gallery,enjoy!

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