Monday, March 15, 2010


After last week's catastrophic event (stream problems) was ABBA Sweden yesterday back in the good old way!

Yesterday I was nervous…. I have experience in organizing really big activities in RL and have, together with Ewa (my beloved wife and best friend of all worlds) arranged a large number of events in Second Life. We have never had any major problems. But last week, we had problems Big Time: We were forced to cancel a show due to technical problems. And it felt like a bitch!

Anyway yesterday it was time for "comeback" on Fruit Islands (where else?) And thankfully everything ran on the flat manner! Phuuuu!

Our audience was as usual a total mad, however, nobody took our call to get there naked seriously. We do not understand anything! Hehe.

Other notable: A person (Fransesco) took the whole Fruit Islands breath when he was in the middle of crowd chaos went down on his knees and proposed to his girlfriend! We like!

Then, it is always nice to see people with heart in the right place. An AIK fan in the audience! Lovely, Harpo!

Possibly, we are playing on Saturday with a HUGE 70's disco afterwards!

Here we go!

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