Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday I was busy most of the day with something called RL. It was time for something as important as the Swedish football premiere.

I logged in quite late, about an hour before our event with Shasta Soul Star would begin (2 pm SLT 23:00 CET). It takes about an hour to fix everything before an event. I had tons of time and Ewa would show up at 1 pm also.

Looked at the computer clock; 01:55 PM SLT !!!!! And almost go panic! 5 minutes left before the show would start! Something must be wrong! And where is Ewa somewhere?? Has the U.S. switched to summer time?

I immed quickly Apmel who cleared up my questions: In fact, the U.S. had changed to summer time!
5 minutes to arrange a ballroom when Ewa has most of the stuff in her pocket! How the hell would I solve it?? And to send in all the groups that the event starts…. The time was to say the least very short.
But it worked and the third edition of the Tea Dance in the Blue Hall was probably the best so far!

Shasta was in great form and all of our guests seemed to have a great tim!

Next Sunday (02:00 PM SLT, 22:00 CET (!)), It is time for Jean Munro!
March 28 does Europe switch to summertime and then the order is restored!

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