Monday, March 8, 2010

Yes it worked!

Before each event we do we persuade: "It does not matter if there wont be so many people." Which is just a form of self-deception. You will be really disappointed when people not show up. Even that ABBA Sweden fill the width of every sim nowadays we persuade ourselves before every gig: "Tonight it will probably not be so many people." But thankfully, we are “wrong”, nowadays. In the beginning it was different, however. There were maybe 20 people at most. Nowadays, the sims are so full that people cant come in. And at the end of the day the number of people are surely an acknowledgment that it works.

When we started up our latest project, Tea Dance, Ewa and I reasoned in the same way: "Will ten people come, we must be satisfied." And at our first Tea Dance it came about 10 people ... .. And the disappointment was total of Family Aska / Prinz. Haha. Now, we have to blame ourselves that time. We had squeezed an Abba gig just before and also a very good friend's birthday party. So we prepared the event in about 10 minutes which is obviously completely senseless.

Yesterday it was time for the second edition of Tea Dance, this time with Jean Munro and it was actually as good as we hoped! A good mixed crowd with a good mix of old friends and new acquaintances. Perfect!

Great fun and thank you to everyone who came yesterday! Tea Dance continues every Sunday 2 pm (23:00 CET) with Jean Munro and Shasta Soulstar. And before and after I will DJ jazz and evergreens.

On Wednesday (2 pm Icetheatre SL), it is time for an untested card in SL: Then it's time for a Andrea Bocelli tribute show. Of course it is not live, if someone self-appointed and bitter reviewer would show up. But it is a tribute to this amazing singer.

See you then!

Jesper and Ewa

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