Saturday, April 4, 2009

with the music still roaring in my ears...

Thank you alot Junivers Stockholm, Tina, Blanche, Charlotte and Janne + Zig who did the clothes. The show and the build was fantastic!

I dont know how many avis who was there but I was 100% sure the sim would crash. I still have Ewas rezz party in mind when the sim exploded, and that would have been a disaster.

(Nyna Slate, U2 in SL, who was there yesterday, promised me an evening class in how to reduce lag during an event. Well the main reason for lag is ourselves and what we we are wearing)

Anyhow Tina and I said that we would stop the club thingie after 3 hours of Djing(3pm slt), but we failed completely and the party would probably have continued if I hadnt stop it after 5 hours. Totally exhausted but happy!!

Thank you all for coming and next up is Finding Isadora - A dance tribute to Isadora Duncan by Just Dance. Presented by Isadora Shilling, Choreographer and principle dancer of Just Dance!

Saturday April 18


Wizanna Hax said...

Thanks! It was Great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesper. Soo pleased it was such a great success. I managed to listen on the stream despite my pc being out of action. Sorry I wasn't there to lead the dancing but I know Blanche andd Charlotte did great. Fantastic that Charlotte could step in and help when got stuc outside SL. BUT one thing. The costumes are mine. I made the textures by hand and designed the costumes from a collectionn of different structures specifically for Juinvers music concerts only. Blanche and I have used them a few times now. Great someone helped Charlotte texture hers and I loaned Blanche the textures for this purpose (only) but they are my design entirely. Medora Chevalier

ZE design Zigadena Gabardini-Emarald Harvey said...

Im sorry Medora, that you were not informed that none of your clothes were available that night.
So I had to create totally new ones.
The only thing used from your creation,(on request) was that texture from the green dress.
I repetedly asked if that was ok.
Apperently it also was.
Do you have further questions on this matter, Im me inworld or send me an email at
Zig /ZE design

Medora said...

Hi Ziga. Thank you for helping Blanche out with the costumes at short notice. I am fine with your using the Eden texture for the costume. Blanche had her set from the rehearsal so I dont know why it wasnt available.Sorry for confusion. It was a surprise to see something that was so close to the look I created. But I see how it happened and that you made a new flames texture as well as recreating the look. Apologies for confusion andd thank you for helping Blanche out. Medora