Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Swedish Cottage

Let me introduce our most popular rental cottage, the Swedish one. Groundfloor and the living room there is naturally decorated with IKEA furniture, as every Swedish mountain hut is in rl. Well most of the homes in Sweden are to be honest!

All Swedish huts have a so called "cosy-room" and so do this one! In here you can read books infront of the fireplace, do some petting with your lover or bbq marshallows!

Upstairs is the parents area. No kids are allowed here, a lockable door is a given. You find a very modern bed with all those acrobatic SL exercise here. Are you travel with some other couples or just fancy a 3-some or 4-some? NP, this is openminded Sweden!

Wanna take a trip to Swedish cottage? Take it here!

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