Monday, April 20, 2009

Coming up Saturday: NANCE Brody!

Ewa & I are very proud to have NANCE Brody at the Icetheatre SL coming Saturday!

April 25th, 2 PM SLT

From Nance site:An indie gal all the way, NANCE walks her own path. Having played the physical stages for what seemed like an eternity says NANCE, endless touring, equipment lugging and empty hotel rooms. NANCE is the first of a new breed of exclusive live online performers. She now solo performs live concerts on the net, primarily in the fantastic live streamed music venues that have been created in the virtual world of, enjoying a truly international audience!

NANCE has a very unique style that is enjoyed by many. Courageous, sexy, and out, NANCEs love for music shines in her voice, guitar and lyrics. She has made her audiences laugh, cry, smile, heal and ponder, she is loved dearly by many fans around the world.

NANCE makes her home in the real world with the love of her life, partner of 12 years, Julie. Julie & Nance are both openly gay, out and proud, they are both very much a part of the gay & lesbian rainbow community and have both spent a great deal of time fighting to get back their equality rights, freedom of religion and expression especially with respect to their right to choose marriage. Since Canada has now recognized their equality, it is with a great deal of pride that they call themselves Canadians. Some of Nance's song writings reflect this reality, the pain and struggle of this in her life.

So wherever you hang, all you need is a good internet connection, fast computer with good video card, sound card and speakers, the live concerts come to you, Nance is a great entertainer, so sit back and enjoy!

NANCE is a huge fan, mentor and promoter of live online music concerts, live streams, teleconferencing and telecommuting, she is amazed by modern online technology, the far reaching global possibilities for small rural communities that are perhaps entertainment challenged. She is active in encouraging new artists, new listeners, concert promoters, clubs and bar owners, sponsors to use this online video and audio technology to further open up the field of live online performing as a new resource for the offline community and for the online performing artists.

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