Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Art Auction Team Eshi Otowara

Art Auction 2009

Message from Eshi Otowara

Please join us for a fundraising event this Sunday the 26th, 2009. Bidding Starts at 10:00 AM SLT, and will continue until all items have been placed on the bidding block.
All proceeds will be donated to the Relay for Life fundraiser 2009. Team Eshi Otowara and Dirk Talmasca have joined forces to bring you some amazing artisans for this event.

There will be Second life photography, Second life digital Art, Second life Sculpture, Real LIfe Art, and a few eccentric pieces that are artistic in their endeavors. There is even a full 17th Century Period English cottage With furnishings included. DJ Seren Dawes will graciously provide some tunes for our bidding pleasure.

Here is a latest list of contributing artist.

Ahmad Hosho
Anathaniel Gausman
Arteer Olivia
Barrowness Beaumont
Case tomorrow
Cicciuzzo Gausman
Cienega Soon
CodeBastard Redgrave
Dan Yapungku
Dingo Utorid
Douglas Story
Eliza Wierwight
Gary Kohime
Gracie Kendell
Gwen Carillon
Java Moonwall
Joshua Morane
Juicily Loon
Keiko Morigi
Kiya McMahon
Life Charron
Looker Lumet
Mars Lake
Panteleimon Aeon
Riona Rimbaud
Silverdrake Sparrow
Shoshana Epsilon
Shoshisn Shilova
Stephen Venkman
Sura Abismo
Theresa Carfagno

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