Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to get a heartattack.....

Some weeks ago I logged into SL, at our home. Ewa was there pottering with something. She is very very pottering I can tell you.

We hugged, and I asked her how she has been and she asked me the same “Life sucks, I got a terrible hiccups” I replied jumping up & down the chair.

“Ohhh”, she said and then asked me: “Jesper, are you sitting down?”

“Yeah, but the hiccups don’t make it easy. Why?” I said

“Jesper, I want to take break from our relationship....."she said

It was lightningstriked big time. Thousands of thoughts were streaming through my head in a second. I was in TOTAL shock... had no clue about this...

I yelled: What???? You can’t be serious!!!?????? Why???? No fucking way!!! I know you love me and I love you. What about the sim???? Our plans???? Etc etc etc etc

When I was finished my harangues she asked: “Jesper, are the hiccups still bothering you?”
“How can you care about my bloody hiccups when you just told me you needed a god damned break?” I yelled back

“Cos I love you” she said.

I didn’t listen to that and starting to go on big time about why she needed a break.

Ewa interrupted me by saying: “Jesper, listen please, I love you more than anything, but are the hiccups still there?”

“Nooooooooo they are gone” I cried

“Lovely” she laughed out loud

“Oh my god, I am gonna pinch your pixel butt big time you little monster” I said started to chasing her around our house



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Anonymous said...

haha LOL Äwaaaa- Your terrible but very efficient..LOL